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Dec 25 (Wed), 2019

For the Derashinera's new work “どこまでも世界 Dokomademo Sekai -The World Ever and Wherever-” in February 2020, I would like to set aside time.

Company Derashinera starts from mime, is close to “gestures”, and is blown away as an expression. In rehearsals, we often discuss whether or not it is a gesture. The "how to stand", "looks at", "silence", "angle" ... are gestures? I want to try to present an image with points and points, not "let's tell" that the gestures contain. Isn't it possible to express the world that you think you know but don' know in everyday life? The viewers feel silence by closing eyes and ears. I hope we can make time for a discussion about the degree.

Something you notice from the destruction, without knowing it, and trying to make a hole in the breakthrough without having an answer. The body dominates the place, not the sound. Sharing of memories forms a place.
Based on the above, the following two points are considered in this work-in-progress. After the session, there will be a talk time.

* Use "Keep It Simple -Mitate"- Premiere in Yokohama Dance Collection 2019 on February 2019 at Yokohama Nigiwaiza Small Hall (works without dialogue)

1. Full volume silence.
2. Participation of 1 of 4 performers is deaf dancer Dakei (Part of Onodera at the premiere)
The body dominates the place, not the sound. Sharing of memories forms a place.

We are looking for participants for this time. We look forward to your participation.

Shuji Onodera

Shuji Onodera
Itaru Sugiyama
Yusuke Oba, Rina Sakiyama, Momoko Fujita, Dakei

25 Dec [Wed] 19:00~
(Open at 18:40)


1,000 JPY
Reservation required.

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