Company Derashinera
Company Derashinera was established by Shuji Onodera in 2008. Its theater works, full of physicality based on mimes, has attracted attention across generations. Besides activities in Japan, Company Derashinera has performed so many places around the world including Vietnam, Thailand, U.S.A, France, Spain, and so on.
In addition, we are actively working on approaches to the next generation such as performances in elementary schools, junior high schools, and high schools.
There are also many performances in places outside the theater such as open air, art museums and art festivals.
Shuji Onodera

Director, performer, leader of Company Derashinera.

Born in Hokkaido, Japan, Shuji Onodera learned mimes at Mime Institute of Japan. He was a member of “Performance Theater Mizu To Abura (Water and oil)”  in 1995-2006. After that, he stayed in France for 1 year as a trainee member of Artist Overseas Training System of Cultural Agency. He established Company Derashinera after returning to Japan in 2008. He has attracted attention across generations in its own production based on the movement of the mimes.

He has won awards including the 3rd Japan Dance Forum Award and Best Staff Award of the 18th Yomiuri Theater Award.

His major productions in recent years include RooTS Vol. 4 “Ano Oogarasu Saemo” (2016 / Tokyo Metropolitan Theater etc.), “Alice in a Wonderland” (2017 / New National Theater Tokyo), Contemporary Noh Collection IX ” Taketori (2018 / Setagaya Theater Tram etc.), Yokohama Dance Collection 2019 “Keep It Simple -Mitate” (2019 / Yokohama Noge Schale), etc.

In addition, at the Setouchi Triennale 2013, he has been actively working on performances that do not stay in the theater, such as presenting an outdoor play “Mermaid”.

He was selected as a Japan Cultural Envoy in 2015.
History until formatting Company Derashinera


Entered Mime Institute of Japan and started training in mime.


Formed the group Water and Oil at the Performance Theater


  • Performance at Avignon, France
  • Performance at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe of 2000
  • Nominated for the Total Theatre Award 2000 of the Dance & Physical Theatre
  • Won thee Best Prize at Tokyo Millennium Arts Festival


  • Soup performance at the Teatropolis International Festival of Theatre Arts
  • The Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2001.”The Herald Angel Award”
  • Cellophane Singular tour in October to Rome, Cairo, Paris, le Trois Mime en Champagne, and Moncalieri, Italy


  • Was invited to the Brighton-festival in U.K. and toured England. The cities on the tour were Brighton, Newbury, and East Rey.
  • Soup performance in Italy at the Civitanova Danza 2002
  • Invited to perform in New York City


  • a new mime performance 4×4 at the New National Theatre
  • World tour of Cellophane Singular performance in Korea, Belgium, France, Australia, and Thailand
  • The Asahi Performing Arts Award sponsored by The Asahi Shinbun Shuji Terayama Award and Kirin Dance Support


  • The U.S. tour. Performance in New York City, Middlebury, and Seattle, Washington.
  • Performance at the Aoyama Dance biennale of the Cliff


  • Performance at the New National Theatre of the new work the Law of Movement
  • Performance at the Expo 2005 Aichi, Japan. Production the Event of the Future
    at the Toyota Group Pavilion


  • March the last performance by Water and Oil
  • Since September residing in Paris as a Department of Culture New artists overseas research fellow


Organize Company Derashinera
photo © Jun Ishikawa